Geberit - Silent-Pro
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 77-7-S
Designation Geberit - Silent-Pro
Manufacturer Geberit
DN 100
Pipe end Spigot
Material name PP-Copolymer
Color (exterior) Black
Applications Drainage, HVAC/MEP Sector, Industry
ID (mm) 101
OD (mm) 110
Wall thickness (mm) 4.5

Geberit Silent-Pro is a highly sound-insulating waste water system that can be plugged in. The Geberit Silent-Pro sewage system consists of mineral-reinforced pipes and fittings in the dimensions DN 50 (d = 50 mm) to DN 150 (d = 160 mm).

Domestic sewage:

Connecting cables


conventional rainwater pipes in connection with Geberit retaining claws

Ventilation ducts


Cables embedded in concrete

Pressure lines of wastewater lifting systems for faecal-free wastewater according to DIN EN 12050-2 (DN 50) in conjunction with Geberit retaining claw

Pressure lines of sewage lifting systems for limited use in accordance with DIN EN 12050-3 (DN 50) in conjunction with Geberit retaining claw

Geberit Silent-Pro is designed as a conventional, pressureless drainage system for house drainage. The system can be used both inside buildings and buried underground within the building structure (application code "BD" - Building / Drainage) based on DIN EN 1451-1. Geberit Silent-Pro pipes and fittings are approved by the DIBt under the approval number Z-42.1-542. The system must not be subjected to pressure and therefore must not be used for roof drainage with pressure flow (Geberit Pluvia). In conjunction with the Geberit retaining claw, internal rainwater pipes can be implemented briefly (24 h, 15 ° C) up to a hydrostatic pressure load of 200 kPa (2 bar / 20 m geodetic height).

The hydraulically optimized, highly sound-insulating waste water plug-in system Geberit Silent-Pro is suitable for drainage systems in buildings in accordance with DIN EN 12056 in conjunction with DIN 1986-100. Especially for buildings with increased noise protection requirements, e.g. B. residential construction, hospitals, hotels or office buildings.

Structure of the pipes: The Silent-Pro pipes are made of a single layer of a polypropylene copolymer (base material) and are manufactured in a single step using a coextrusion process. Single layer: PP-MX (mineral-reinforced PP)

Structure of the fittings: The raw materials for the Silent-Pro fittings (PP copolymer modified with mineral substance) are mixed together to form a material (compounded granulate) before production. The fittings are thus made from a continuous material. Most fittings are made by injection molding. Individual fittings, which consist of several fittings, are welded.

Technical data on EPDM seals: EPDM seals are very resistant to acids, alkalis, hot water and steam. EPDM also shows very good resistance to aging (resistance to weathering, ozone and light).

Highly soundproofing: Geberit Silent-Pro achieves excellent soundproofing properties thanks to the following features:

High dead weight

Special material patented by Geberit (PP-MX)

Coordinated fastening system

This guarantees continuous sound insulation from the connection to the underground pipe.

Source: Geberit Vertriebs GmbH

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