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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 71-1-S
Designation Rehau - AWADUKT PP SN4
Manufacturer Rehau
DN 110
Pipe end Spigot
Material name RAU-PP 2300
Color (exterior) Green
Applications Civil Engineering, HVAC/MEP Sector, Drainage
ID (mm) 103.2
OD (mm) 110
Wall thickness (mm) 3.4

AWADUKT PP SN4 is a normal load sewer pipe system made of the modern material polypropylene. The pipe has a homogeneous, full-walled structure according to DIN EN 1852. The area of ​​application of AWADUKT PP SN4 is, in particular, property drainage. AWADUKT PP SN4 is an impact-resistant sewer pipe system that can also be laid at low temperatures. Due to its excellent chemical resistance, AWADUKT PP SN4 is suitable for waste water, mixed water and of course also for rainwater drainage.

The AWADUKT PP SN4 sewer pipe system offers the following advantages:

- Smooth inner surface for optimal hydraulics

- Impact strength down to - 20 ° C

- High abrasion resistance

- Easy handling due to low weight, even with great lengths

- Complete recyclability, good ecological balance

- Suitable for high wastewater temperatures up to 60 ° C, briefly up to 70 ° C

- Suitable for inexpensive installation material according to DIN EN 1610

Polypropylene is a proven material for the manufacture of pipe systems. Due to the high level of security with regard to thermal and chemical resistance, it is already being used successfully in tank or industrial systems. AWADUKT PP SN4 is available in a wide range of lengths of 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m and 6 m as well as a large number of molded parts, such as bends, branches, double socket joints, sleeve sleeves, etc.

Source: Rehau

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