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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 101-1-S
Designation AWADUKT HPP SN10
Manufacturer Rehau
DN 110
Pipe end Spigot
Material name RAU-PP 2300
Color (exterior) Yellow, Orange
Applications Civil Engineering
ID (mm) 102
OD (mm) 110
Wall thickness (mm) 3.8

Pipe material

The AWADUKT pipes, fittings and sealing rings are characterized by their very good resistance to many chemicals that occur in wastewater. This chemical resistance is given at pH values ​​between 1 (acidic) and 13 (basic). In order to divert industrial wastewater, the chemical resistance must be checked regardless of the pH value. Detailed information on this - especially with regard to the concentration and temperature of the different chemicals - is defined in various supplementary sheets to the relevant DIN standards.

Rubber sealing rings

The types of rubber used have good chemical resistance, but components of esters, ketones and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons in waste water can have a strong swelling effect, which can damage the connection. AWADUKT HPP SN16 and AWADUKT PP SN10 are delivered with EPDM seals as standard, alternatively AWADUKT HPP SN16 and AWDUKT PP SN10 pipes can be delivered with oil, grease and petrol-resistant NBR seals. AWADUKT PP SN4 pipes are usually supplied with SBR sealing rings.

Source: Rehau

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