HT interior drainage
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 1-11-S
Pipe name HT interior drainage
Manufacturer Ostendorf
DN 110
Pipe end Spigot
Name of material Polypropylen (PP)
Color (outside) Gray
Operational area Drainage, HVAC/MEP Sector
Di | Inside (mm) 104
Da | Outside (mm) 110
Wall thickness (mm) 2.7

The HT pipe (the designation "HT" stands for high temperature resistance, which means up to 95 ° C) is made of PP (polypropylene). This gray pipe is used in the building up to the floor slab or outer wall. The HT pipes are used for the sewer pipes in the buildings. The HT is durable, corrosion-resistant and resistant to aggressive waste water and is flame-retardant B1. Due to the smooth surface there are no incrustations. It is available in the dimensions DN 32 to DN 160 and in lengths from 150mm to 5000mm. The fast, secure plug connection makes the system very easy to lay and assemble and meets the requirements of the most demanding customer. The designation "HT" stands for high temperature resistance (up to 95 ° C).

Plastic pipes are mainly used in sewage systems (waste water systems). A distinction is made here between KG pipe and HT pipe, AS pipe and PE pipe. In addition to the fittings or fittings (bends and branches are available in various angles, from 15 ° to 87 °, sliding sleeves, cleaning T-pieces, plugs), the pipes are part of the systems.

Source: http: //, Ostendorf

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