Civil engineering products
Rethink civil engineering.

Civil engineering products must withstand the toughest conditions, meet the latest technical requirements and be easy to handle as well as cost-effective. We have developed exactly such products and provide them in a sensational range!

Pipe connections. Uncomplicated.

Our pipe connectors for sewage / drainage and wastewater pipes are used in many construction projects around the world. The tried and tested standard couplings are cost-effective, easy to seal and extremly robust. There is no easier way to connect pipe sections or pipe transitions!

Deployment options:

  • Rehabilitation and repair of sewage / drainage pipes
  • Reduction or transition to different pipe systems
  • Connection for pumping, lifting and backflow systems

One product. For all sewer pipe systems.

It doesn´t matter which sewer pipe system have to be connected - we have one product which fits! Pipe system change, section repairs, pipe reductions or existing connections are easily to handle. With our Coupling Calculator you can find the right product at any time.

Pipe seals. In simple.

Our press seals and modular seals are designed for installation in wall sleeves or for waterproof concrete core drilling. They are used for the safe passage of different media (pipes and cables). They provide reliable, permanent protection and are gas and water tight. And the best? Installation is quick and easy!

Deployment options:

  • Flexible pipe penetrations
  • Subsequent sealing of pipelines
  • Sealing solutions for chemically agrassive wastewater

Suitable for all diameters.

Regardless of whether it is standardized or unusual core drilling and media pipe sizes: all sealing situations can be solved with our press seals and modular seals. We also offer the right material compositions for special requirements.

Wall and floor ducts.

For pipe sealing in waterproof concrete, we offer a large selection of penetration and sealing solutions for floors and walls.

Deployment options:

  • Subsequent masonry penetration
  • Wall and floor penetration for new buildings
  • Rehabilitation of sewer pipes
  • Subsequent sealing of installed cable/pipes

Tight. In all sizes.

Our wall and floor ducts are available in a large number of different sizes. All sizes can be covered from DN110 up to DN500. We offer the products as a KG or KG2000 variant.

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