Wall Duct SML
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Product information
Product group Wall Duct SML
Item number CRA22201
EAN / GTIN 4260182347485
Product name Wall Duct SML DN 70, for wall thickness 24 cm
Product description For the installation in waterproof concrete to connect on both sides SML-pipes; gray cast iron wastewater pipe in accordance with DIN EN 877; form and pressure stable solid wall pipe; water pressure-tight, bonded Power-Profile to prevent ingress of odor, gas or water; 2 end caps as installation aid and on each side a styrofoam recess
SML Pipe with Crassus Power Profile
Producible for every wall thickness
Styrofoam recess on each side
Proofed pressure tightness
A | Outer diameter 78 mm
B | Pipe dimension 71 mm
L | Length 240 mm
Pressure tightness 2.5 bar
Weight 2.1 kg
UV resistant
Suitable for soil
Flush-mounting suited
Gray cast iron
Gray cast iron. Gray cast iron is an iron with lamellar graphite (cast iron-carbon casting material) and is used for the production of SML pipes.
Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber. The saturated backbone structure results in properties such as high UV and weather resistance, as well as high thermal resistance.
Fully vulcanized 3-lip seal
The fully vulcanized 3-lip seal prevents the ingress of gas, odor, or water.
Gas, odor, and water tight
The seal is both gas, odor, and water tight.
UV, ozone and weather resistant.
The product is UV and ozone resistant as well as suitable for all weather conditions.
Suitable for flush-mounting.
The product is suitable for concealed installation (flush-mounting).
Suitable for soil.
The product is suitable for installation in the ground.
Digital product and function overview.
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