Inside End Cap PVC
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Product information
Article group Inside End Cap PVC
Item number CRA18641
EAN / GTIN 4260182345672
Designation Inside End Cap CSV 100 PVC
Product description Inside end cap to seal the end of a pipe; for the permanent or short-term sealing; wing nut used to interlock the inside end cap; hollow screw also serves as a test connection for a hydraulic pressure test; suitable for horizontal or vertical installation; UV-resistant material
Suitable for all wastwater pipes
For horizontal and vertical installation
Perfect for pressure tests
Suitable for multiple use
Incl. hollow bolt for test connection
Availabe in EPDM, NBR and some more
A | Size range 95-110 mm
B | Test connection 1/2 Inch
L | Length 100 mm
Pressure density 0,5 bar
Weight 0.14 kg
CE marking
Product standards
gemäß / according to
EN 681-1
Heat resistant 95 °C
Cold resistant -40 °C
UV resistant
Suitable for soil
Flush-mounting suited
Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber. The saturated backbone structure results in properties such as high UV and weather resistance, as well as high thermal resistance.
PVC (grey)
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced from the monomer vinyl chloride by chain polymerization. PVC is resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohol, oil and petrol.
Suitable for all wastewater pipes.
The product can be used for connection to all common wastewater or sewage pipes.
For horizontal and vertical installation.
The product is suitable for a horizontal or vertical installation.
Noise reducing.
Due to its construction and material properties, this product has a noise-reducing effect when installed.
Installation without tools.
No additional tools are required to install the product.
UV, ozone and weather resistant.
The product is UV and ozone resistant as well as suitable for all weather conditions.
Suitable for flush-mounting.
The product is suitable for concealed installation (flush-mounting).
Suitable for soil.
The product is suitable for installation in the ground.
Digital product and function overview.
This product has a scannable QR code to call up all relevant product information and functions.
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