Ostendorf - KG System (PVC)
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Pipe end
Material category Plastic
RXNR 2-3-S
Designation Ostendorf - KG System (PVC)
Manufacturer Ostendorf
DN 125
Pipe end Spigot
Material name Hard-PVC (PVC-U)
Color (exterior) Orange, Brown
Applications Civil Engineering, HVAC/MEP Sector, Drainage
ID (mm) 118
OD (mm) 125
Wall thickness (mm) 3.2

The KG system (PVC, orange as color) is a sewer system that completely meets the requirements for water resistance, durability and simple operation. In this way, it directly ensures the protection of the environment from pollution by sewage. The unique coextrusion technology is the basis for the KG system (PVC-U). This makes it possible to manufacture a product whose wall is structurally similar to that of a bone known from the animal kingdom. When developing the Coex technology, the focus was on increasing the potential offered by polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U, hard) as a highly developed material that has proven itself over the years. The result is sewer pipes and fittings with a perfectly smooth inner wall that is resistant to abrasion and an elastic core that can withstand both ground pressure and traffic loads.

The KG-System (PVC-U) pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the applicable European standards. Pipes are manufactured in accordance with Z-42.1-104 and DIN EN 13476, fittings in accordance with DIN EN 1401. These determine a greater wall thickness than the previously used DIN 19534. The system has ring stiffness class SN 4. KG pipes are hard, tough, thermoplastic. When exposed to the UV rays of daylight, it hardens and becomes sensitive to shock and breaks easily. The pipes are available in all common nominal sizes ([DN 70], DN 100 to DN 500 with lengths of 500 to 5000 mm). They are resistant to acids and alkalis, but not to organic solvents. PVC-U becomes bendable and plastic at 70 - 80 ° C and can be easily deformed in this state, which excludes its use in house installation.

KG pipes must not be used for house lines because they are not temperature-resistant. The pipes deform and outgas if the wastewater temperature is too high (from 65 ° C). In addition, a fire in the house produces toxic gases.

Source: http://www.bosy-online.de, Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH

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