Special pipes :)
The ROHRling Stones (2024)

A pipe from the 1960s found in England is currently causing a stir. The extremely rarely installed 'Rohrling Stones pipes' offer little to no sound insulation. It seems as if rock music is constantly playing through the pipes... to this day.

"Rohrpunzel" Pipe (2023)

An enchanted pipe was found in the deep forests of Central Europe at the foot of a castle. The strange pipe system appears to be the legendary "Rohrpunzel" pipe. According to the myth, this pipe causes blockages in drains everywhere due to the large amount of hair that it has.

ROHRLEX Pipe (2022)

The construction costs are skyrocketing everywhere - no wonder! A whistleblower from the industry informed us that this pipe has been used multiple times already. Installing the pipe is said to be very time-consuming. The material is made of gold, azure blue from baby coral and lost diamonds from the sewage system.

Pipe Force One (2021)

A presidential design meets American pipe technology. The Pipe Force One is a rare sewage pipe, specially designed to divert waste through its propulsion function. An American installer found the pipe near Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, USA.

"Storm Pooper"-Pipe (2020)

Energy shield, carbon shell, and a strong smell of Darth Vader's last session! The "Storm Pooper" pipe was found in the cosmic galaxy! It was collected by a plumber-Jedi-installer during the attack on the Death Star. This came in handy as he wanted to renovate his bathroom.

"Fifty Shades of Shit" Pipe (2019)

From the depths of the darkest basements...constructed under terrible pain from thorns and whip lashes...with full passion and desire for the profession...only one installer in all the years found this unique and rare sewage pipe. The story of this incredible journey is still told today in the plumbing and heating industry, in the hope of never encountering this sewer pipe again.

KACKtus Pipe (2018)

This pipe was found in the Gobi Desert and is considered one of the most unwieldy pipes in the world. Its thorns are sharper than Pamela Anderson's. Moreover, it blooms only once a year. The material: Plant-based substance, sharp thorns, and a hint of Aloe Vera in the air...! Dimensions: 50 thorns, 1000 thorns, ouch ouch ouch...!

duKlo Pipe (2017)

This sewage pipe is not often seen on the construction site. Also, pipes have to be constantly reordered, as they never seem to be enough. Additionally, the phenomenon often occurs that one only finds the plastic packaging. The pipe is made of dark, delicate, and sweet chocolate but also has a questionable smell. Dimensions: probably the longest pipe in the world.

Hello Shitty Pipe (2016)

The Hello Shitty pipe was specially developed for the female installer. It is characterized by its pink color and is made of white chocolate and coconut flakes on the inside. The pipe length is available in baby cat, normal cat, and mangy tomcat sizes.

X-Pipe "Ghostbusters" (2015)

This pipe only appears at night on the construction site. The inventors and publishers are the Marshmallow Man and Slimer. Material: Antimatter from the ghost matrix.