For industrial use. Against aggressive wastewater.
Pipe connection for extreme conditions.

Our industrial adapters are used in plant construction as flexible pipe connections to withstand high temperatures, mechanical loads, and/or chemical aggressions. Other areas of application can be found in the agricultural sector, the chemical industry, as well as in offshore and military projects.

Against aggressive wastewater.

Our industrial adapters are suitable for high chemical loads such as chlorine, fats, acids, alkalis, oil, and gasoline, as well as for temperatures up to +200°C.

Examples of application:

  • Chlorinated water (swimming pools)
  • Hot wastewater (laundries, large kitchens)
  • Alkaline liquids (pharmaceutical industry)
  • Gasoline-contaminated wastewater (gas stations)
  • Acidic wastewater (chemical industry)
  • Oily/greasy wastewater (food industry)

An incredible material.

All industrial adapters are made of fluoroelastomer (FKM), which is a copolymer of highly fluorinated hydrocarbon. This provides excellent resistance to media, ozone, aging, temperature, and chemicals. Due to its composition and manufacturing process, the material is significantly more expensive compared to EPDM, NBR, and TPE. However, it provides better resistance to aggressive substances.

Available in many sizes.

We are gradually expanding our portfolio of various industrial adapters! We already have a wide range of different sizes of adapter couplings, standard couplings Type 1, and standard couplings Type 2B.

Resistance against almost everything.

Simply check with the help of our resistance list whether the product is suitable for the intended use.

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