Wall Duct KG2000 Universal

2 end caps as installation aid

Fits to HT-. KG- and KG2000 Pipes

Durable materials

Vulcanized Power-Profile

Proofed pressure tightness

Item number
A | Outside-diameter
B | Inside-diameter
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA22100KG2 - 110 150-300 PP / EPDM 2.5 - PDF
CRA22101KG2 - 125 175-300 PP / EPDM 2.5 - PDF
CRA22102KG2 - 160 200-365 PP / EPDM 2.5 - PDF


You have a KG2000-pipe which should go through a waterproof concrete wall. The feed-through must prevent the ingress of odor, gas or water.

Solution (1/4)

Use the Crassus Wall Duct KG2000 Universal with the water pressure-tight thermally bonded Power-Profile. The needed wall thickness is freely selectable and the wall duct is delivered with two end caps as installation aid.

Solution (2/4)

The marks on the wall duct make it easy to cut it to the needed wall thickness.

Solution (3/4)

The Power Profile prevent the ingress of water.

Solution (4/4)

You have created a professional and water pressure-tight sewer pipe feed-through.