Press Seal Type DS-D Universal

Against pressing water and non-pressing water

Water-tight welded bolts for an optimum of steadiness and corrosion protection

100% gas-, odor- and waterproof

Useable for variable sizes of pipes/cables

In different material versions available

All products in 48h producible

Proof of pressure-tightness

Item number
A | Core drill hole
B | Pipes / Cables ø
L | Seal
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA21001V2A 100 18-65 40 EPDM / V2A - PDF
CRA21001V4A 100 18-65 40 EPDM / V4A - PDF


You have an already existing pipe/cable with unknown sizes which is going through a waterproof concrete wall. The feed-through must prevent the ingress of odor, gas or water.

Solution (1/4)

The Crassus Press Seal DS-D Universal is useable for variable sizes of pipes/cables. Just seperate the not used layers, to get the needed size for the existing pipe/cable.

Solution (2/4)

Place the divided press seal around the pipe/cable.

Solution (3/4)

Push the Crassus Press Seal Type DS-D Universal into the cleaned up wall sleeve (alternative: core drill hole).

Solution (4/4)

Tighten the screws in the following manner, always two diagonally opposite nuts are tightened in succession. Pay attention to the recommended tightening torque.