Flexible Branch

Acoustic decoupling function

Suitable for all wastwater pipes

Very elastic and flexible

For horizontal and vertical installation

UV-resistant, suitable for soil and flush-mounting

Pay attention to flow direction!

Item number
A | Size range
B | Size range
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA15082 30-38 - 120 EPDM / V2A 0.6 6.0 PDF
CRA15070 40-50 - 135 EPDM / V2A 0.6 6.0 PDF
CRA15071 50-60 - 150 EPDM / V2A 0.6 6.0 PDF
CRA15072 78-90 - 205 EPDM / V2A 0.6 6.0 PDF
CRA15073 106-119 - 260 EPDM / V2A 0.6 6.0 PDF


You want to install a new pipe branch in an existing pipe run (for example HT-pipe).

Solution (1/4)

Use the Crassus Flexible Branch as an cost effective solution. Cut a piece from the existing pipe run. Use for orientation the length of the flexible branch.

Solution (2/4)

Due to the flexible construction just squeeze the flexible branch and place it between the two existing pipe ends. Pay attention to the correct flow direction.

Solution (3/4)

Now you can tighten the two clamp bands.

Solution (4/4)

In the next step you can connect a new pipe to the existing pipe run (different size and / or material).

Filetype and name Size
Crassus Resistance Table (EPDM, NBR, FKM, FFKM) 0.6 MB