Plug Adaptor

Suitable for all wastwater pipes

Minimal reduction path

Perfect to connect damaged pipes

Easy installation without any tools

Proofed material quality

UV-resistant, suitable for soil and flush-mounting

Pay attention to flow direction!

Only suitable for horizontal installation!

Item number
A | Size range
B | Size range
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA11017 73-85 69-75 100 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF
CRA11020 100-116 100-105 115 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF
CRA11021 120-141 117-127 178 TPE / V2A 0.5 6.0 PDF


You have for example a damaged clay pipe socket and want it connect to a pipe DN 100, regardless which kind of pipe (here for example KG).

Solution (1/4)

Use the Crassus Plug Adaptor CSA. Loosen the clamp band a little.

Solution (2/4)

Push the plug adaptor as far as possible in the damaged pipe (if necessary use lubricant).

Solution (3/4)

Now you can connect to the pipe which you want to use (Ø 100-116 mm) and push it into the plug adaptor (if necessary use lubricant).

Solution (4/4)

Just tighten the clamp band and you are done.

Filetype and name Size
Crassus Product Overview Adaptor Calculation Table A3 1.31 MB
Crassus Resistance Table (EPDM, NBR, FKM, FFKM) 0.6 MB