Pipe Reducer CMA

Suitable for all wastwater pipes

Minimal reduction path

Perfect for toilet connection

Easy installation without any tools

Proofed material quality

UV-resistant, suitable for soil and flush-mounting

Pay attention to flow direction!

Item number
A | Size range
B | Size range
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA10009 110 90 40 TPE 0.5 - PDF
CRA10010 110 90 40 TPE 0.5 - PDF


You want a WC connect to a sewer pipe.

Solution (1/4)

Use the Crassus Pipe Reducer CMA 90 | 110 (in black or white) to create reliable and tight connection.

Solution (2/4)

Fit the pipe reducer on the pipe from the WC.

Solution (3/4)

Push the sewer pipe into the pipe reducer.

Solution (4/4)

You have very fast and easy created a sewer pipe connection.

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Crassus Product Overview Adaptor Calculation Table A3 1.31 MB