PU50 Sealant
Item number
A | Outside-diameter
B | Inside-diameter
L | Length
Tightening torque
Data sheet
CRA23000 - - - PU-Sealant - - PDF


You have pipes/cables which go through an existing wall. Through the gap between pipe/cable and concrete water is penetrating the building.

Solution (1/4)

Clean and dry the area around the existing pipe/cable. Mark the outer diameter of the foil flange on the wall. Apply the PU50 Sealant and spread it evenly with a notched trowel.

Solution (2/4)

Push the Crassus Press Seal with Sealing Flange over the pipe.

Solution (3/4)

Use the enclosed pressure roller and press the foil flange evenly from the inside to the outside.

Solution (4/4)

Tighten the screws in the following manner, always two diagonally opposite nuts are tightened in succession. Pay attention to the recommended tightening torque.