The Crassus App

Discover our brand new Crassus App to connect wastewater pipes!

  • Easy and free Offline-Tool to fi nd a suitable Coupling for the connection of two wastewater pipes!
  • You can fi nd our App „Crassus“ in the Apple App-Store and Android Play Store.
  • Real-time calculation from more than 1.2 million variants of pipe connections!
  • Easy handling thanks easy menu navigation
  • Structured solutions that helps you to make the right choices.
  • Including the Crassus Wastewater Pipe-Dictionary, Product catalog and other great features.

1. Select the two needed wastewater pipes...

The Crassus Wastewater-Pipe-Selection gives you the opportunity to search on a large range of wastewater-pipes, wich were installed worldwide and especially in Europe. With more than 75 pipe-categories and over 1,150 different pipe-variants this selection is the most extensive in the world!

2. The App calculates the best product solution for you!

The real-time calculation from more than 1.2 million variants of pipe connections give you fast results. The listed products be sort by "opitmal solution", "possible solution" or "compromise solution".

3. The product detail view provides you all information!

Each of our product in the app has its own detail page where you find all important information such as Article number, product discritpion, clamping ranges, pressure tight, Thightning torque etc.

4. The installation manual shows you the correct installation!

The installation manual gives you an easy overview how to install our products. Another feature is the "Fits to..."-Button wich shows all other suitable pipes for this product.